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About Us


Clark Undergraduate Student Council (CUSC), also known as Student Council, is the student government at Clark University that is comprised of students who are willing to go above and beyond to serve their school and peers. Through programs, policies, events and making sure the student voice is heard, CUSC is here to make sure that students are able to engage themselves at Clark and make their college years the most memorable yet. Our aim is to make sure that every single one of our peers is able to engage with the university through a wide spectrum of involvement opportunities which include everything from funding opportunities, to event planning and changing campus for the better.


Our Vision

Student Council's vision is to enrich the student experience by cultivating a campus community that develops leaders, promotes the wellness of the student body, and unites under one, strong voice. Our mission is to serve, engage and embolden the student body through informed advocacy and the provision of programs and resources.

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