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The Executive Board 

The Student Council Executive Board is elected every Spring and serves for one full year. The E-Board is comprised of four members including the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. They oversee Council Standing Committees and represent the entire Undergraduate student body. Read more about their roles and responsibilities by visiting Section 3 of the Constitution.

Meet the Rise Administration 2021-2022


Sofia Bishop '23



Glory Phipps  '23

Vice President


Sammi Bosque '24

Executive Treasurer


Rosa (Sky) Brito-Martins '23

Executive Secretary

Meet the Cabinet of the Executive Board 

cusc logo.jpg

Emma Clark '22

Chief of Staff

cusc logo.jpg

Noor Almaslamani '21

Deputy of Local Affairs

cusc logo.jpg

Jeanne Kim '21

Deputy of Broader Affairs

Quick Links

Standing Committees

Find Your Rep



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