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There are numerous ways to get involved with the Undergraduate Student Council. Student Representatives are elected every Fall General Election, during Special Elections and in the Spring if positions become available. Students can also serve in special committees with staff, faculty, trustees and Campus Administrators to represent the student voice and contribute to important discussions at the University level.

Why Join?
Regardless of what capacity you serve in, joining Council is a great way to build transferable leadership skills, gain a deep understanding of your campus community, hone your public speaking, negotiation and critical thinking skills as well as build your network while affecting lasting change on campus!

Petition to Run for Representative

Representatives are elected every Fall General Election or Special Election and serve for one academic year. They are elected directly by their respective constituent communities, with the exception of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet who are elected by the entire Undergraduate Student Body. Representatives vote on behalf of their constituents during all Council proceedings, serve on CUSC Standing Committees, develop initiatives, connect with constituents through an email list serve and host regular office hours. 

Information for Candidates Running for Executive Board, Responsibilities & More

Common Questions about Elections, Collecting Signatures, Online Petitions.


  1. Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 at 5PM: Petitions Open, Check Email for Details

  2. Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 by 5PM: Petitions are Due,  Mandatory Meeting at 6:30pm on Zoom for ALL Candidates on Zoom to learn about Campaign Rules, Best Practices, Campaigns start after the meeting

  3. Thursday, May 6th at 7pm: Executive Board Debate with Candidates for President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer. Details will be released at the Mandatory Meeting.

  4. Tuesday, May 11th at 12am: Campaigning ends, Polls Open, Election Voting Day via ClarkEngage until Midnight, ALL Candidates will be notified of results thereafter

  5. Thursday, May 13th at 7PM: Ratification of Election Results

  6. Thursday, May 20th at 7PM: Swearing in of Newly Elected Executive Board and newly elected candidates will run the final meeting of the 110th Session.

Steps to Run for a Position

If interested in running, please send an email to with the position you would like to run for.

Once we receive your interest to run, we will email you with access to your electronic petition, to share with students and collect signatures and view how many you have in real time. 

You must fill out a petition by getting signatures from your undergraduate peers. To have your name on the ballot, you need 20 signatures if you're running for a Resident Hall or Off-Campus position or 50 signatures if you're running for Class, Equity and Inclusion, or International Representative position and 75 signatures for an Executive Board Position.

Petitions must be submitted with all signatures by Tuesday, April 27th at 5pm. *Note: You must attend the that evening's Mandatory Meeting at 6:30pm on Zoom to hear the campaigning rules in order to begin campaigning and run. Campaigns cannot start until after this meeting. If you absolutely can't make this meeting, please email

Election Day🗳 is Tuesday, May 11th. All campaigning must end the day before Election Day, however you may still encourage folks to exercise their vote on the day of.


collect signatures



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
Updated April 2021

Who is allowed to sign my petition?
Candidates are strongly encouraged to collect signatures from the constituents they will be representing. For example, if a candidate is running for Maywood Hall Representative, their signatures should be from Maywood Hall Residents. In light of COVID-19, we will be flexible with signatures received so long as some constituents for the desired position are reflected on a candidate's petition and are Undergraduate students.

If you are running for the Executive Board, all undergraduates are eligible to sign your petition.

Can I sign my own petition?

Can I collect signatures over social media?
Yes, so long as you do not tell people to vote for you or say any iteration of “vote for me,” you must wait until after the petition deadline (April 27th, 2021) when we have confirmed that you have heard the election rules by attending the Mandatory Meeting. All campaigning will begin after that date.

Can I send mass emails or use an email list to collect signatures?
No, it is against the Elections rules to send mass emails or use University list-servs when collecting signatures and during the campaign period. 

I am having trouble logging in. What should I do?
There are log-in instructions on the “Getting Help” support page of Qualtrics.
If you are having difficulty, select the SSO option
(Sign in with an Organization)
and enter “clarku” for the organization-ID. You will be directed to Clark University’s login page and routed back to the Qualtrics Support pages. From here, you should be able to log in through your ClarkYOU portal.

How do I view how many signatures I have?
You can see your number of total signatures when opening the Control Panel. You may view individual signatures in Qualtrics by selecting your form and clicking "Data & Analysis” tab.

Can I change the position I’m running for?
​If anyone wishes to change the position they wish to run for, they must do so by the petition deadline. Candidates automatically have editing privileges on their petition to manually make that change. We will consider your petition valid so long as you meet the minimum number of signatures needed for your desired position and have at least some signatures from that constituency reflected on your petition. We trust that you will not take advantage of this flexibility.

Can I run for more than one position?
No, you may only run for one position, however If you decide to change the position you are running for, you will have editing privileges until the petition deadline. If you do not get elected, Student Council has opportunities to hold elections in the Fall and Spring of each academic year if positions are vacant or become available. 

Can I still run for Council even if I do not submit a petition?
Yes, those interested may still run in the Special Elections as a Write-In candidate. All candidates interested in running after the Petition deadline should review the campaign rules above and reach out to with any questions to compliance with the election guidelines.  

Can I run for council even if I can’t make the weekly meetings?
We strongly encourage students running to be able to attend meetings, as these are the main forums to represent our constituents, be a part of important discussions and votes. In the past, students have waited to run in future years or applied to serve on Special Committees with Faculty, University trustees or other students. Here, students represent the student voice in discussions about specific issues or decisions made at the University level, then report any important information back to Council. You can learn more about the different committees here.

Council also has our Grants and Judiciary Committees where we appoint students, rather than elect them. Students serve on these Committees by going to meetings that they schedule on their own based on the committee's availability and a full committee attendance is not required at Council meetings*.
*3 Judiciary members must be present at every Council Meeting to meet quorum.


Who do I contact if I have a question about Elections?
You may DM us on Facebook, Instagram, or email

Join A Faculty, Trustee or Council (Appointed) Committee

Under the CUSC Elections Committee's responsibilities, beyond organizing elections in the fall and spring, are to appoint all Faculty, Trustee and Special Committee appointments. The Elections Committee reviews all applications and recommends them to Council for approval. Students appointed to Faculty, Trustee and Council Committees represent the student voice and contribute to important discussions at the University level. 


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