The Representative Council

2021-2022 Representatives

Representatives are elected every Fall General Election and serve for one full year. They are elected directly by their respective constituent communities, with the exception of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet who are elected by the entire Undergraduate Student Body. Representatives vote on behalf of their constituents during all Council proceedings, serve on CUSC Standing Committees, develop initiatives, connect with constituents through an email list serve and host regular office hours. Meet the 2019-2020 representatives.

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Michael Mischley

First-Year Representative

Grants Chair

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Anna Friberg

Junior Class Representative

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Emma Clark

Senior Class Representative

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Estri Miluka

Senior Class Representative

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Jessie Aguirre

Wright Hall Representative

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Jack Keane

Dana Hall Representative

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Sammi Bosque

Hughes Hall Representative

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Najia Lloyd

Bullock Hall Representative

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Abigail Rhodes

Dodd Hall Representative

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Courtney Campbell

Maywood Hall Representative

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Everett Beals

JSC Hall Representative

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Rebecca Levine

Blackstone Hall Representative


Jasmin Rotem Planas

Off-Campus Representative

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Daina Faust

JSC Hall Representative

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Malik Aguilar

Off-Campus Representative

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Jessie Garbeil

Off-Campus Representative

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Ibeth Alvarracin

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

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Zainab Farid

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

Student Life Chair

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Ariana Afshar

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

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Daniel Williams

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

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Jeanne Kim

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

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Sarah Plutnicki

Transfer Student Representative

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Ruqayah Al-Ashabi

Commuter Student Representative


Meher Kovoor

International Student Representative


Kadijha Kuanda

International Student Representative

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