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The Representative Council

2022-2023 Representatives

Representatives are elected every Fall General Election and serve for one full year. They are elected directly by their respective constituent communities, with the exception of the Equity and Inclusion Cabinet who are elected by the entire Undergraduate Student Body. Representatives vote on behalf of their constituents during all Council proceedings, serve on CUSC Standing Committees, develop initiatives, connect with constituents through an email list serve and host regular office hours. Meet the 2022-2023 representatives.

Tanvi sengupta.jpg

Tanvi Sengupta

First-Year Representative

 Gianfranco Gizzi.jpeg

Gianfranco Cornejo Gizzi

Sophomore Class Representative

winn - Will Stafford.jpg

William Stafford

First-Year Representative 

CFDD4222-2B60-4F53-B0B8-7A14031C6DF8 - isabella.jpeg

Isabella Herrera

Sophomore Class Representative

cusc logo.jpg

Laila El-Samra

Junior Class Representative

IMG_2700 - Yonah Harris.jpeg

Yonah Harris 

Senior Class Representative

0B1F917A-ED29-4FBF-A0E3-66E20AECD108 - Daniel Higgins.jpeg

Daniel Higgins

Hughes Hall Representative

Najia Lloyd

Najia #3.jpg

Maywood Hall Representative

Yancesy Lopez 

cusc logo.jpg

Senior Class Representative

Rima Nair 

rima nair cusc - Rima Nair.jpg

Wright Hall Representative

Duncan Green CUSC - D Green.jpg

Duncan Green 

JSC Hall Representative

cusc logo.jpg

Peyton Van Deusen

Blackstone Hall Representative


Jasmin Rotem Planas

Off-Campus Representative

cusc logo.jpg

Indigo Cardette

Dodd Hall  Representative

cusc logo.jpg

 Maya Krauss

Off Campus Representative 

D61E4D3A-885F-4E1D-9864-F7F723BDA13E - Prustide Bangandozou.JPG

Prustide Bangandozou

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

cusc logo.jpg

Ashley Valois

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet 


Meher Kovoor

International Student Representative

10488159-1443-4CCD-B2BD-6509F0025706 - Isaac Tomeho.jpeg

Isaac Tomeho

Dana Hall Representative

484AF25C-40E1-4E65-9710-DF1EA92CF529 - David DelVecchio.jpeg

David DelVecchio

Bullock Hall Representative

cusc logo.jpg

Isolt Hilarie 

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

24B61D87-11C3-4BF2-9499-A21A731837B6 - Dahlia Mella Goris.jpeg

Dahila Mella Goris

Equity & Inclusion Cabinet

cusc logo.jpg

Prasta Pokhrel

JSC Hall Representative

Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 3.46.44 PM - Eve Harmon.png

Eve Harmon

Off-Campus Representative

Malik #1.jpg

Malik Aguilar

Off-Campus Representative

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