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CUSC works hard to ensure students are supported across various areas: academically, socially, institutionally and more. The following page will continue to be updated as more resources and initiatives become available.


 A letter was sent to University Administration on November 4th about student concerns regarding fees, logistical and financial barriers to staying on campus during Winter Break and advocating for the following demands to ensure housing, food and other means of support are provided. Key updates from the University in response:

  1. For those approved to stay on campus between November 21st-December 4th, there will be no additional fees charged.

  2. For those approved to stay on campus between December 5th to February 14th, the cost has been reduced to $10 per day. 

  3. The University has also agreed to provide funding for the Food Pantry to remain accessible to students over Winter Break.

Please refer to the email sent from Residential Life on November 5th for all other information and logistics.


CUSC recognizes there are still financial barriers and stressors for students who may not have the choice to return home or have other circumstances that warrant staying in Worcester over break. CUSC is now accepting Grants Applications to fund:

1) Housing Fees/Rent

2) Utilities

3) Food Expenses/Groceries -- (will be issued in the form of a Grocery Store Voucher 
(i.e Price Chopper/Big Y)

4) Medical Expenses not covered by insurance

Due to the high volume of requests anticipated, our Grants and Finance Committees will be working together to conduct deliberations. While we cannot guarantee that every request will be met in full, our goal is to provide support to as many students who are in need as possible.

For any questions or concerns, please email CUSC Treasurer, Jackie Madrigal (



  1. TBD: Grants Application open. Check Email for Details

  2. TBD: Applications are due.

  3. TBD: Committee deliberates.

  4. TBD: Decisions sent to students.

  5. Thursday, December 3rd at 7:15pm: Council votes on Grants allocations at General Council Meeting, Thursdays on Zoom.

Steps to Apply for a Grant


Students may apply through the Grants Application. Documentation such as an official lease agreement or an on-campus approval form that explicitly states the amounts needed for housing may be requested at the discretion of the committee.

Applications are due on


Grants and Finance Committees will be working together to conduct deliberations under the supervision of the CUSC Treasurer & Executive Board.

While we cannot guarantee that every request will be met in full, our goal is to provide support to as many students who are in need as possible.

Decisions will be emailed to students following Committee deliberations, including instructions, committee rationale for full/partial/or no funding.

Students will have the opportunity to ask follow up questions via email or request a meeting with the committee to  better understand their decision.


Council will vote on all funding requests recommended by the Grants and Finance Committees on Thursday, December 3rd, 2020. They must receive a 2/3 majority in order to pass. Meetings are always open to the public.

*Funds may take one week or multiple weeks to reach a student if they have never been on payroll (Direct Deposit), as these are processed by University offices, which Council does not have jurisdiction over.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
Updated November 13, 2020

1. "I'm a fifth-year or graduate student. Am I eligible to apply?" 
No. Only Clark undergraduate students who are not studying abroad are eligible to apply and receive a grant. 


2. "I live on campus and would like to request funds for housing?"
Yes. Please be ready to provide your approval from ResLife for the allotted week(s)/month(s) you have been approved to stay.


3. "I'm planning on doing an internship and would like some monetary assistance"
No, this year we will not be funding these opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact the Dean of Students Office ( for or Career Services for assistance. 


4. "I'm going to a conference *with a group* and would like some monetary assistance. How much can we expect?"
No, this year we will not be funding these opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact the Dean of Students Office ( or Career Services for assistance. 


5. "Can I use the money to pay someone for a service?" 
No. The money has to go to a legitimate organization who is providing a service to you or your event. 


6. "Can I pay for some of the things I need and then get reimbursed?"
No. Grants request funds can not be used for reimbursement. Please ensure that nothing you intend to use grant funding for has been paid in advance. For reimbursements related to books/academic materials, please contact the Dean of Students Office,


7. "Should I be seeking funds from other sources?"
Yes. We encourage students to seek funds from other sources, as we cannot guarantee full funding allocations.


8. "I plan to attend a virtual conference and need assistance to pay for the admission."
Yes, please include a budget break down of cost and links associated with the organization hosting the event.



CUSC, through our Student Life Committee, will also provide free transportation to Boston Logan Airport approaching the end of the semester. In order to best accommodate students, they need to gather data on how many students will be needing this service. You may fill out their survey here by Friday, November 13th at 11:59pm. For questions or concerns, please email

A Note From Chair, Elena Perez:

"The following survey was created to evaluate student’s perspectives about how this semester went, suggestions for next semester, logistics for students who need airport transportation to get home and questions for how CUSC and Clark can best support you. We will do our best to advocate for you!


This survey will take just a few minutes, we ask that you please take this seriously as it can and will affect how next semester operates, as well as the end of this semester."


Students have raised concerns about inequities in their learning experience, whether not having physical or financial access to technology needed for their classes, books, codes and more.

This Spring, CUSC is launching a program to provide free technology and materials for students in need. Please fill out the following form to let us know what type of resources are needed to support your learning experience. 


Online Learning


Clark's Food Pantry:
The Food Insecurity Resistance Movement (FIRM), led by Clark students in partnership with CUSC, developed the student run Food Pantry to address issues of food insecurity on Clark's campus as well as provide nutrition, education and advocacy for broader food justice.

The Food Pantry has been restocked with fresh produce options, pasta, rice, laundry pods, etc. It is open to all pen to all Students, Staff & Faculty. To access the pantry, visit the Information Desk at the University Center. 

Hours: Everyday from 8am-11pm. Hours subject to change for Winter Break. Please bring your Clark ID or have your ID Number for access.


Food Insecurity


Started in 2018 by CUSC Vice President, Ivette Mendoza, the issue of the added financial stressors and inequities associated with menstruation were brought to light through a pilot program in Maywood Hall. Now, FREE Menstrual Products such as pads and tampons are available for all members of the Clark community.

Dispensers are available with free pads & tampons in the 1st and 2nd floor of UC, Bullock Hall, and JSC Hall. 
The Menstrual Equity Alliance is now accepting donations! Products can be brought to the Council Office (1st Floor UC) on Wednesdays at 4:30pm or contact or


Menstrual Equity

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