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CUSC Standing Committees

Standing committees are comprised of elected and non-elected undergraduate representatives. These bodies facilitate matters related but not limited to funding opportunities for students and organizations, transportation, elections, outreach and judicial affairs, in accordance with the CUSC Constitution.

All CUSC Committees are now in session for the 2020-2021 academic year.
For all other questions and concerns, please feel free to reach out to the Executive Board Chief of Staff, Emma Clark (

Grants Committee


The mission of CUSC Grants Committee is to help provide financial assistance to individuals, clubs, and organizations to supplement students' experience outside of the classroom, in ways which will benefit and enrich the Clark Community. *For the 2020-2021 academic year, Grants has been extended to provide financial support to students over Winter Break for Housing, food and other related costs.*

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Finance Committee


The mission of the Finance Committee, is to carry out Financial Audits and allocate Mid-Year, Annual Budgets to all CUSC recognized student organizations and mandatory expenditures. The Committee also helps advise Clark clubs on best practices and rules regarding fiscal matters, how to access their budgets and training Club Treasurers. 

Email the Finance Committee

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Jessie Garbeil - Chair
Adam Aguilar - Chair

Ibeth Alvarracin - Member

Najia Lloyd- Member

Gianfranco Cornejo Gizzi - Member

Daina Faust - Member

Rebecca Levine - Member 

Elections Committee

Elections Committee

The CUSC Elections Committee is oversees and organizes elections in the fall and spring and conducts all Faculty, Trustee and Special Committee appointments by reviewing all applications and recommends them to Council for approval.

Run for a CUSC Representative Position

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Email the Elections Committee

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Glory Phipps  - Chair

Sammi Bosque - Member

Ashley Valois - Member

Courtney Campbell - Member

Jasmin Rotem Planas - Member

Meher Kovoor - Member

Abigail Rhodes- Member

Student Life Committee

The CUSC Student Life Committee oversees and allocates funding from the Programming Co-Sponsorship Fund available to Undergraduate students and clubs to supplement funding for on-campus held events. The Committee also oversees CUSC funded transportation services such as mall and airport shuttles, as well as the newly developed Uber Program. 

Email the Student Life Committee

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Laila El-Samra - Chair

Faith Boques  - Member

Kadijha Kuanda  - Member

Jill Jones - Member

Alex Nazaire - Member

Jessie Aguirre - Member

Joseph Ressler - Member

Sawyer Kindle - Member

Communications Committee

The CUSC Communications Committee manages and oversees all matters related to marketing and public relations to share relevant events, votes and important information with the student body. Such mediums include but are not limited to: Facebook and Instagram Pages, promotional flyers, video, photo and more.

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MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Ruqayah Al-AshabiChair 

Grace Williams - Member
Everette Beals - Member

Prasta Pokhrel - Member

Emma Clark - Member

Zainab Cheema - Member

Jack Keane - Member 

Isabella Herrera - Member

Judiciary Committee

The CUSC Judiciary Committee upholds the rules and bylaws of the Undergraduate Student Council Constitution and has jurisdictions over all appropriate matters concerning, but not limited to, campus organizations, election disputes, and CUSC governmental affairs.

CUSC Constitution

File a Complaint

Email the Judiciary Committee

MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

Latoya BrownChief Justice - Term expires May 2022

Bianca Binns - Term expires May 2022

Dylan Murray - Term expires May 2022

Duncan Green- Term expires May 2022

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